See how it works with Sithara IoT!

Video 1: Design & Deploy Sithara IoT Mobile App for IoT Devices

Watch this video, and find out how convenient and time-saving it is to design and deploy with the Sithara App and UI Designer!

Video 2: Automatic Onboarding of IoT Devices
Video 3: Control & Monitor multiple devices with a single App

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Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!
Register and win a free demo-kit!

We are currently developing IoT modules and will be give away limited number of free demo kits for you to try.
Our demo kits will let you experience firsthand the ease and elegance of managing, designing, and controlling IoT devices.
The demo kit includes Bluetooth Hardware with I/O signals to be controlled by the Sithara App.
The UI of the App layout can be modified and republished to the App using the Sithara Designer.
The idea is to allow the user to see the seamless integration and ease of operation of the App and Designer Tool.

We request you to answer a few questions on your intended use of Sithara IoT.
Your answers will help us to set the right priorities in our development process.